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BSG Benefits, Inc. provides actuarial, consulting and administration services for all types of employee benefit plans. To serve you better, we have adopted the following principles in our practice:

  • Unbiased Counsel. BSG Benefits, Inc. acts solely in the interest of our clients, the sponsors of and participants in employee benefit programs. We are not tied to insurance or investment companies, banks or trust companies, legal or accounting firms, but work in cooperation with such firms as we may be directed by our clients.
  • Competent Personnel. BSG Benefits, Inc. provides professional assistance in the design, installation and administration of employee benefit programs. We advise clients on a continuing basis as to innovations and changes in employee benefit concepts. Such consultation assures that principles of adequate financing will be followed and that employees will recognize the value of the programs adopted. Our personnel are experienced in consulting with respect to actuarial aspects, financial management, and governmental regulation of employee benefit programs. This combination of talent and experience is needed in the changing field of employee benefits and governmental regulation.
    Our staff keeps abreast of new developments through continuing education and training programs and seminars so that we may provide you with the high level of professional services which your employee benefit programs require.
  • Availability. When you become a client of BSG Benefits, Inc. you will be able to work directly with the consultant and the administrator on each aspect of your employee benefit programs. You may contact your consultant to pose questions you may have at any time.
  • Readable Reports. In the complicated world of employee benefit programs, BSG Benefits, Inc. provides complete and comprehensive reports to our clients. These reports are organized and presented so as to be readable and understandable to our clients.
  • Prompt Service. BSG Benefits, Inc. is committed to providing you with prompt turnaround response on your work. Our standards require that we complete and deliver your work to you within the appropriate time frame determined by the type of service being provided. This also allows us to give more urgent priority to your work when required.
  • Reasonable Fees.Service fees charged by BSG Benefits, Inc. are based upon a schedule of fees varies by the level and type of service desired, and by the number of employees or participants. They are not dependent upon the amount of assets in a plan or the size of a transaction. Non- scheduled services are invoiced at hourly rates. We will provide a fee estimate of the total amount of fees involved before billable work has begun.

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