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Employee benefit programs are required to comply with various laws and regulations. BSG Benefits, Inc. offers plan administration services for all types of employee benefit programs to assist you in complying with these laws and regulations. These services are required as employee benefit plans become more complex. Included among the services provided by our experienced staff are the following:
  • Government Filings. Many employee benefit programs are required to file reporting and disclosure returns with the IRS and with the Department of Labor each year. Most defined benefit pension plans must also file forms with the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. BSG Benefits, Inc. will prepare these returns and file them with the appropriate agency for you.
  • Disclosure to Participants. Each year Plan Administrators must provide information to plan participants with respect to their rights and benefits under a plan. We will help you to comply with these reporting and disclosure requirements.
  • Participant Account Recordkeeping. BSG Benefits, Inc. provides recordkeeping of participants' accounts including maintenance of individual account records, allocation of contributions or accrual of benefits, allocation of forfeitures and investment earnings, computation of individual account balances and preparation of a statement of the benefits available.
  • Plan Recordkeeping. BSG Benefits, Inc. is available to provide trust accounting services and preparation of financial statements for employee plans. This includes maintenance of records with respect to plan investments.
  • Benefit Claims. BSG Benefits, Inc. will process benefit claims and calculate termination, death, disability, and retirement benefits and provide information regarding alternative forms of payment available.
  • Compliance. BSG Benefits, Inc. will test for compliance with IRS requirements.
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